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Why do you need Amazon Brand Registry?

Create a better customer experience through brand registry services. Defer other sellers from using your products with this service. Brand registering on Amazon may seem like a tedious process to you. Allow us to tackle that for you and avail easy registration process with us, The Appeal Guru.

Why do you need Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Attain better control over your Amazon products, pages, and listings
  • Help your customers get accurate information about your brand and products.
  • Make proper use of the search engine tools.
  • Use ASIN search to find any infringements.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

If your business passes the Amazon brand registry program, then there are various benefits you can attain:

  1. Get extra protection for your products and listings.
  2. Have better control over how your product listings are displayed. In short, your brand stays protected under Amazon
  3. Brand Registry as it protects your products to be used by other sellers.
  4. Gain better traction towards your page.
    Data-driven analytics helps you understand your audience better. You will understand the customer buying patterns and which products work best for your page.
  5. The Amazon brand registry allows you to access an A+ content manager that allows you to add special features to your brand page

How do we register your business with Amazon Brand Registry?

Here are the steps to register your business with Amazon Brand Registry.

  1. Check your eligibility- We will ensure that your business complies with the requirements of the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  2. Create your Amazon brand registry account- We will generate a username and password for you to sign up into your Amazon Brand Registry account.
  3. Enroll your business in the program- We will add images and other information about your products. Next, you will be required to select your brand’s trademark name, type, registration number, etc. Other information such as vendor and manufacturer details and more will also be needed.
Upon fulfillment of the given requirements, the Amazon will send a confirmation announcing that you are a part of the program.

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