Seller Account Suspension Prevention

When it’s about your business, it is best to choose safety over having the business completely off the market. And that’s what Appeal Guru helps you with.

Amazon is home to multiple businesses, and consistently tries to rid its marketplace of shady sellers, however, a lot of them might indeliberately fall for violations causing them to be caught in the vortex.

Amazon will send you a warning when its policies are violated.
Although there is a lot that you can do after your account is suspended, why not take action before account suspension?

It is what we refer to as a “Pre-Plan of Action” that ensures that your account isn’t suspended in the first place. Several times, seller performance has led to warnings, and when appropriate account actions are taken, the suspension is avoided.

Here’s how Amazon account suspensions show up:


Inauthentic product listing warnings


Products that violate the policies


Warnings related to account health


Poor seller performance

How do we help?

Our team will tackle your performance notifications as they arise, preventing issues from escalating into an account suspension.

A wrong step can decide the fate of your business. Then, why put off taking action until your account has been suspended?
It is desirable to keep your account free from suspensions by avoiding activities that invite violations.

Moving away from the business basics to the ladder of success brings an enormous scare and responsibility with it. We collaborate with our clients to strategize and scale their businesses to new heights.

Our team of expert professionals helps you stay relevant to the market trends and add value to our clients.

Our expertise has led us to know the reasons behind suspensions, hence we are aware of the precautionary measures to be taken.

We cater to the bottlenecks and the challenges that come with expanding your business in a global marketplace. We work as a dedicated team to offer stability and growth to your services securely.

Along with reviewing your mistakes, we also familiarize you with Amazon’s terms and conditions.

We identify the issues and have a suspension pre-plan-of-action all set to be executed for businesses of any scale. We help you track multiple facets of your Amazon business and ensure that you are always headed in the right direction without hitting downtime.

Why us?

Endless things can get your account suspended in the continuously evolving world of e-commerce. There can be a lot that confuses and overwhelms Amazon sellers.

Besides having the rules of the game clear to prevent suspensions, we prioritize solving problems in the given timeline within the budget. We know the rules and follow them efficiently so that sellers don’t end up with suspensions that take months to have their accounts reinstated.

We provide strategies and successful appeal plans that evade the possibility of suspensions.

Here’s how Appeal Guru helps you:

  • Highly experienced and skilled workforce
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% accurate work
  • Years of experience in the domain
  • High business standards
  • A dedicated and professional team
  • Reputable and reliable services

We take pride in serving a global client base in varied niches, and marketplaces with diverse scales. This helps us seamlessly add value to clients across the globe, leading them to experience exponential growth in the past.

Having your account suspended is a grave danger, but protecting it shouldn’t be that difficult.

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