Amazon Invoice Verification

Amazon Invoice Verification Services

As per the recent process, it is required that sellers meet all the Amazon requirements. It is important to get your invoices screened before sending them. Amazon generally asks for invoices to authenticate a seller and their products. The frequency of invoice requests has increased in recent times. Any discrepancies in the supply chain documentation may lead to even the blocking of the account.

Amazon is one of the topmost online marketplaces, has to maintain its integrity by inhibiting fraud sellers on their platform. If you are a new seller, then this step will be taken to find out if you are a legitimate seller or not. If you are an existing seller, Amazon may ask for invoice verification following some constant complaints by the buyers.

Here is a checklist for passing the Amazon invoice verification.

  1. Your invoice should not be dated beyond a year.
  2. Invoices that you sent must be easy to read.
  3. Your invoice should never be handwritten.
  4. Amazon requires them to attach the link to their website to verify a supplier. The seller must have a professional website.
  5. The address given in your invoice must match that address given in seller central.
  6. Amazon may reject your invoice if the sales quantity doesn’t match or goes beyond the actual sales on Amazon.

Allow us to investigate your invoice before you send them

If you think this much of a task for you, then worry not; we are professionals who have dealt with the entire Amazon sellers account for years. Don’t let Amazon consider you as an illegitimate supplier.

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